28 October 2020

Asbestos & Silica Awareness Virtual Sessions During COVID to TAFES

Over the past months during COVID restrictions ACV/GARDS has been conducting virtual Asbestos & Silica Awareness sessions to as many TAFE apprentices that we could. We are very proud to say that there are apprentice Carpenters at Chisholm TAFE Frankston and Dandenong that have been a part of these sessions.

We also have been able to have a session before COVID and during COVID to Painting and Decorating apprentices at TAFE Gippsland Newborough campus and The Gordon at Geelong. 

All have been very successful. We thank those trade teachers who managed to be able to gather their apprentices on a virtual hook up to be a part of this very valuable session.

It is a credit to the trade teachers and their apprentices for learning in this manner and we wish them every success in their chosen professions – here are some pics of some of those sessions below – we will be putting in an article to the ACV/GARDS Asbestos & Silica November newsletter – soon to be available