Videos About Asbestos Disease

Jarni's story about life with mesothelioma and how she chose to focus on the positive things in her life.

The impact of Asbestos – the history of asbestos and stories of those who have been affected by it.

Power without Glory – a Four Corners report on the Latrobe Valley Victoria.

Think Twice about Asbestos – Watch our Asbestos Webinar 26 November 2021

A tutorial with Brian, who is a mesothelioma sufferer, with 100 first year medical students from Monash University School of Rural Health Churchill – Health and Society – Work Place Health.

Commonwealth takes first steps towards new compensation fund for asbestos victims
Man developed mesothelioma after being exposed to a dangerous form of loose-fill asbestos known as Mr Fluffy.

Stand up, Speak up and Build a Better Australia

Latency Period for Asbestos
This video explains the latency period of asbestos exposure and symptoms well.

Please note this video is from Canada, so their reference to shipping out asbestos doesn’t apply to Australia.

Support groups project

Never use high-pressure water or compressed air on asbestos products
Using high pressure water to clean asbestos roofs can lead to asbestos contamination, clean-up costs and serious health risks.
 Watch this informative video from Safework NSW to find out more or go to

Wonderful uses of Asbestos

Testing an Asbestos suit 1956

Asbestos Use in Ship yards at Chatham Dock Yards – Ray Nye

No Time to Lose – real asbestos storiesMavis Nye

White Dust and Lies – Barvara Hush’s story of her father