26 June 2018

Asbestos Water Pipe Management

Case studies of asbestos water pipe management practices

A new report by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency examines six cases of rehabilitation of asbestos cement water and sewerage pipes in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, and identifies best practice for safe and effective management and removal.

With the cost of dealing with 40,000 kilometres of water mains pipes built using asbestos cement across Australia expected to significantly rise over the next 20 years, a clear nationally consistent approach to managing asbestos cement water mains is required.

The issue is most significant for Victoria, with around 70 per cent of the country’s asbestos cement water main pipes.

Please use this link to read the report online: https://www.asbestossafety.gov.au/research-publications/case-studies-asbestos-water-pipe-management-practices

Front of report booklet

Download the report (pdf)


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