17 August 2020

COVID-19 Our Heroes in the Pandemic 2020

This is our employee, Maitea, who conducts our support group  in Melbourne – the support group is shut down for the rest of this year due to COVID-19 but, Maitea is still very busy as she is a registered nurse and working in a COVID ward in Frankston. She is our hero and we are proud to call her our friend. She has 3 teenage children at home and an elderly mother to look after – every night/day depending on her shift, Maitea goes home to a strict hygiene regime before she enters the house.  Maitea is worried about her co-workers who have the virus and for the health of her family. The front line workers of this pandemic are our heroes  and we cannot praise them enough.

Maitea, keeps in touch by zoom – text messages and phone calls with us. Electronic mediums of any sort have been a God send to keep the lines of communication open. So no one should feel alone. 

We are reaching out to everyone – employers, employees and the community to say don’t let anyone  get complacent about the restrictions as this virus can kill  – We hear so many stories about people who have contracted this virus and none of it is pretty.

Please make sure everyone adheres to the restrictions it is so important. The life you save could be your own or someone you love.