07 June 2017

The Gordon TAFE East Geelong Asbestos Aware

The ACV/GARDS team were very privileged and honoured today 7/6/2017 to have the opportunity to talk with a great bunch of apprentice painter & decorators at The Gordon TAFE in East Geelong about all things asbestos. It was a very interactive session with plenty of really thoughtful questions. We want to thank the TAFE lectures for attending and being a part of the session it was really good to have your input in this important lesson on making the apprentices asbestos aware. We wish the apprentices every success in the future with their chosen trade & we are sure they will take this knowledge they have gained today into their work places and spread the word among their peers and to family and friends. Thanks for making us feel very welcome. Great audience : )

20170607_121336 Done 2017