10 December 2023

20 Year Total Ban In Australia 2023 – But.. the danger is far from over

On Thursday 7th of Dec 2023 the network of asbestos support groups, Unions, ACTU, ASEA staff & council and many more were invited to Parliament House for the 20th Anniversary of the Asbestos Ban in Australia – we were all invited to be in the gallery to hear the statement in the House of Representatives by the Hon. Tony Burke MP – Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations – he mentioned more had to be done to eradicate asbestos and stop more people being exposed to this disease – after this occasion we were all then invited to morning tea hosted by the speaker of the House in his court yard. When that concluded we were invited to the Parliamentary Group on Asbestos Related Disease (PGARD) meeting with Co-Chairs Ms. Lisa Chesters MP and Mr. Russell Broadbent MP along with invited Federal Parliamentarians featuring a presentation from Ms. Julia Collins Director of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication agency. It was a very auspicious day with many things to discuss and what needs to happen into the future – we need to eradicate asbestos from our built environment it is the only way stop more disease happening – lots to to do into the future and the ASEA strategic management plan will play a big part in this evolving. #asbestossafety #tonyburke #jodiedeakes – here are some pics of the day. A very memorable day for all and #acvgards were very honored to be a part of the event. Thank you to Mathew Werfel Assistant Director at ASEA for helping to arrange this event.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon Milton Dick MP celebrates the 20th Anniversay of the Australian Ban of Asbestos in the Speaker’s Courtyard.