About Us

ACV/GARDS has been operating since 1991 to support asbestos sufferers in Gippsland and throughout Victoria. ACV/GARDS is a not for profit organisation, endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and has Charity Tax concession. We are the largest asbestos support and advocacy group in Victoria.

The ACV/GARDS organisation has been extremely important, not only in the Gippsland community but all over Victoria. The expertise that ACV/GARDS holds within its organisation is immense – decades of knowledge and support. The Gippsland area has been affected by asbestos more than any other area in Victoria. The Victorian State Government conducted an epidemiology study of Latrobe Valley in 2003 and found the area had seven times the state average for mesothelioma and for every mesothelioma there were four+ asbestos related lung cancers and 10 other asbestos related diseases. This was mostly due to the power industry. Now home renovations are becoming a common form of exposure and disease the legacy continues.

ACV/GARDS has associations with other asbestos support groups in Australia and overseas, also with the unions, government authorities, cancer support and law firms and many more.

Our organisation exists totally on donations, grants and sponsorships for which we are eligible to apply.

We have a committee of six, comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two committee members.

We have a band of dedicated volunteers who help staff the office, maintain the web site, and help out with setting up for meetings and the events that we hold.

One of the most important part of our organisation is the commitment of family members whose lives have been turned upside down by the loss of a loved one to asbestos – they in turn have helped others through supporting them in our community and throughout the community of Victoria who are suffering from asbestos related disease.

ACV/GARDS has found that to be quiet and complacent and accept what is being handed out to you and your community by others gets you nowhere.

Without the support and friendship of the good people of Gippsland and Victoria our group could not exist, it is through their generosity and good will that we have prospered to help our fellow human being where ever they are. Power to the people! – United we stand for all.

ACV/GARDS has found the only way to change the future is to stand up and be counted no matter what others may think and say. The only way forward is to speak out and be heard!!!!

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Pictured below are the GARDS committee Members 2024.
L-R front: Tanya Fairbairn (our part time employee), Dorothy Roberts (President), Vicki Hamilton (CEO),  Name ??? (position).
L-R back: Name (position), David Fairbairn (Treasurer), Karen Healy (Committee Member).

Photo of the GARDS committee members for 2024 standing together in a park