26 June 2019

ACV/GARDS on the move.. Erica Cafe 1914

26th June – saw 18 of the ACV/GARDS members enjoy a lunch out at Erica Cafe 1914 – the day was enjoyed by all – these are some of the members outside the Cafe. We want to mention all those who were there on the day 
Jean & Dennis Day, Moira & Davie Duncan, Lorraine & Joe Biro, Cyril & Enid Hibbert, Maree Phillips, Clynn Lord, Marion Taylor, Rhonda Dunn, Marie Smith, Dorothy Roberts, Tanya Fairbairn, Ethan Fairbairn, Glenda Rowley, Vicki Hamilton – Great day had by all and the food was yummy – the weather was kind to us and the company was fantastic. Thanks to the Cafe 1914 for making our outing a great success