04 May 2018

APHEDA Visit Us With Indonesian Ban Asbestos Campaigners

2/5/2018 we were honoured to have visit from @apheda at our ACV/GARDS office with the Indonesian ban asbestos campaigners for 2018 tour – Darisman & Subono along with Sam, Mary-Beth & Tom – it was a pleasure to meet and talk with them about asbestos issues and advocacy – We had in depth discussions with translation from Darisman to Subono about the issues in their country and some of the issues we have had in Australia and are still experiencing, even after banning asbestos in our country in 2003. It was wonderful having them with us for a few hours and to get to know them. We also were privileged to have Dinushi & Padmesh two of our four 1st year medical students from Monash University with us for the APHEDA visit who are volunteering their time at the office and learning so much. All our visitors were treated to a great Aussie morning tea – the unionist all set off to meet up with the #gippstlc and head for a snag on the BBQ at Longford? – travel safe