20 March 2024

Asbestos and Silica Awareness to Monash 1st Year Medical Students

ACV/GARDS has two 1st year Medical students in semester 1 who are doing community placement with us and learning all about what support groups like ours do in the community to help asbestos and silica sufferers and their families .

Henry White and Emilie Collins are gaining a lot of information by attending a session at TAFE to see how the students interact and learn about all things asbestos and silica – they have also had two meetings with sufferers of asbestos disease – Brian Healy a sufferer of mesothelioma and Joanna McNeill who has silicosis.

Both of these sessions were very valuable for the students to carry forward into their future professions as Doctors. They are to attend a support group meeting to meet others in the org and will also be partaking of learning what hygienists role in asbestos/dust entails  through Mairin OHS&E Moe – and how import a role they play in protecting the community and workers.