01 December 2019

Asbestos Awareness Day Event Rose Garden Morwell 2019

29/11 – Our Asbestos Awareness Day event was held in the Morwell Rose Garden. The event highlighted asbestos issues from many different fronts by our wonderful speakers – the tag line was. “Asbestos lurks in more places than you’d think” .
Speakers were, Maitea Lovric, Halil Ahmet, Jane Anderson, Nadine Medina and Steve Dodd. The Yallourn Madrigal Singers, Danny Boothman and Richard Harris entertained the crowd. The ecumenical service was conducted by Canon Jeff Richardson where we celebrated and recognised lives lost to this insidious carcinogen. Families of those who were suffering or those who had lost a loved one to this terrible carcinogen were shown how much those in the community cared.
Thank you so much to GTLC for providing a yummy BBQ lunch for all to enjoy!