17 March 2020

Asbestos Awareness Orana Seniors Club 2020

The 5th March ACV/GARDS conducted a presentation to the Orana Senior Citizens Club – 30 senior citizens listened to a very informative talk on asbestos from the past – present and future perspective. Those that attended enjoyed the videos shown and samples that they could view. Many questions were asked and a few of the men were quite talkative about their experiences with asbestos in their work place – all commented that they never knew that asbestos was so dangerous – no one told them. Some offered information that they had had their health effected and that mates they had worked with had died of this carcinogen. Others members spoke of women who had never worked in those environments but also were sick or who had died of small exposure through take home asbestos. It was truly a very interesting discussion by all. Thank you Orana Senior Citizens for the enjoyable lunch together – it was lovely to meet you all and to listen to your life stories around asbestos.