17 March 2020

Asbestos & Silica Awareness Chisholm TAFE Frankston Carpenters 2020

#Asbestos & Silica – 12th March 2020 – the ACV/GARDS team visited the Frankston campus of Chisholm TAFE – apprentice Carpenters – 20 new apprentices who listened to an asbestos & silica awareness session – they were a switched on bunch who asked lots of questions around all things asbestos & silica – the feed back from the apprentices was that it was very informative with quite a few who did not know they had been exposed to asbestos until they saw some of the pics and items that were on display and then they realized they had already had exposure around asbestos and/ or silica – we are proud to say these apprentices are now much more asbestos & silica aware. We wish these apprentices all the best in their chosen profession from the crew at ACV/GARDS 👍😎