16 November 2016

ASEA International Asbestos Conference 2016

ACV/GARDS crew attended the Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency International Asbestos Conference in Adelaide from the 12th – 15th November. We caught up with many old friends and some new ones. It was great to spend time with Terry Miller and Kat Wake-Burge & the rest of the team from AVA. We also had a chance to chat with our old friend Matt Peacock seasoned ABC Journalist and spend some time with Tanya Segelov along with many others such as Linda Reinstein CEO Asbestos Disease Awareness Org United States. We also had the fortunate opportunity to meet a very lovely lady named Kathleen Ruff Founder & Head of RightOnCanda.ca. Dr Tom John Medical Oncologist & John Cannings from Rare Cancers Australia gave some very interesting news in the research and drug area – it was good to catch up with Dr Tom again. It was a pleasure to chat and catch up with Serafina Salucci a very strong advocate for asbestos sufferers – keep up the good work Serafina. Two of our members who live in Adelaide met with us for dinner while we were there – Jane West and Terry Wilkins.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone. It was a very exhaustive visit to Adelaide learning so much more about asbestos issues from all over Australia and Internationally – but a really rewarding one – We will be looking forward to the next catch up with everyone.

The fight to Ban Asbestos around the world is only just beginning to ramp up – the International slogan is:

“Asbestos – Not Here – Not Anywhere”