01 October 2017

Chisholm TAFE Berwick Asbestos Awareness 2017

Asbestos Council of Victoria/GARDS Inc. conducted Asbestos Awareness session to around some 300 apprentice plumbers and a few electricians at Chisholm TAFE – Berwick over the past 5 weeks – The apprentices were certainly switched on asking many and varied questions.  It was really great meeting all of them and finding out about their work places and sharing information – All the apprentices got involved and there was a lot of conversations. It was lively and interactive. The apprentices said to me they found it very interesting. I had a few who shook my hand and said thanks very much for caring and for making it so interesting. The appreciation by the apprentices – blew me away. We have been going to Chisholm for the last 5 weeks on a Friday and started to feel like part of the campus, we were even involved in a fire alert at the campus where we all had to assemble at the front gate, the fire brigade x 2 turned up – no damage done as it turned out to be a false alarm.  In the last few weeks some of campus students and trade teachers knew who we were and started waving to us as we came and went – thanks guys for making it all worth while – ACV/GARDS got a kick out of meeting you all – Terrific apprentices and great Trade Teachers who got behind the program and supported it wholeheartedly  – thanks for making us feel so welcome – we wish the apprentices all the best in the future with your chosen trade. We hope that we have empowered these apprentices with information that will help them now and into the future. Good luck to all – It was certainly a privilege and honour to have met you all and Chisholm TAFE Berwick. Below are just a few of the apprentices and trade teachers who took part. 


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