29 June 2016

Darnum Musical Village Visit

On the 28th June 2016 some of the ACV/GARDS support group members went on an excursion by chartered bus to Darnum Musical Village – what a wonderful day & terrific experience. Our members enjoyed a very interesting tour of all the musical instruments collected by Albert Fox on his travels over the years. Some of the musical instruments dated back nearly 300 years – what a collection. It was even more impressive to know they were still in working order and hearing them played was just fantastic. I wonder if our ipods will still be working in 300 years? To top off this great day out we were treated to a lovely home made lunch and musical interlude by the staff at the village – just a magnificent day enjoyed by all.


2016-06-28 15.02.292016-06-28 14.55.23the-church-organ