15 June 2016

Asbestos Awareness session Chisholm TAFE Berwick

Today we traveled to Chisholm TAFE at Berwick to conduct an asbestos awareness session with 40+ apprentice Plumbers & Electricians – it was a great session and the apprentices asked terrific questions. Well done to you all – it was such a pleasure to chat with you about everything asbestos! Thanks to Chisholm TAFE and students for making myself and the team welcome. It was also great to have Liam O’Dwyer along – always good to see him : ) – A big thank you to the Plumbing Dept at Chisholm – and lecturer Trevor Watson, for all your help and support, it is always good to catch up. We always look forward to meeting new apprentices – the enthusiasm in the group was just terrific today. We hope they will all go away with a greater understanding of the dangers of asbestos and where it lurks in their work places and in their homes, that way they can keep themselves safe and others.