21 October 2021

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Topic: Asbestos Awareness Webinar – Think Twice About Asbestos

The webinar took place in November 2021.

Watch a recording of the webinar:


Facilitator for the event:

Vicki Hamilton (CEO Secretary Asbestos Council of Victoria | GARDS @Asbestos Council of Victoria/GARDS)

Vicki Hamilton OAM is the current CEO/Secretary of Asbestos Council of Victoria/GARDS and has been a member of ACV/GARDS since the organisation was incorporated in 2001. Vicki has conducted a support group for asbestos sufferers and their families once a month since 2002 in Gippsland and now has a group in Metro Melbourne. Both support groups are open to asbestos & silica sufferers. ACV/GARDS advocates and supports sufferers and their families right across Victoria  


Webinar Speakers

Jane Anderson (Latrobe Health Advocate @Latrobe Health Advocate)

Jane Anderson was appointed as the Latrobe Health Advocate by the Minister for Health in May 2018. The first-of-its-kind in Australia, the role of the Advocate is to provide independent advice to the Victorian Government on behalf of Latrobe Valley communities on system and policy issues affecting their health and wellbeing. Jane provides community-wide leadership by enabling, mediating and advocating for health improvements through health and broader system improvements and change.

Jo & Kevin Packham

Kevin and I have been together for 35 years, married for 31, and are blessed with three gorgeous children and two grandchildren, with another on the way. After being misdiagnosed as having an autoimmune disease for almost 3 years, for which medication was not alleviating the abdominal pain, Kevin finally had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with Peritoneal Mesothelioma. His tumour count was very high but he was lucky to have a very skilled surgeon who was able to do a full cytoreduction which included Hipec, followed by 4 sessions of Chemotherapy and has now had 3 clear scans. We chose to attack this cancer from all avenues including traditional medicine, eg chemotherapy along with Alternative Therapy which involves regular Vitamin C infusions and a very organic, healthy diet, plenty of exercise, daily meditation and reduce stress as much as possible. We look forward to sharing our journey in this webinar.