09 March 2021

Gippsland TAFE Newborough Campus Apprentice Painting & Decorating March 2021

3rd March 2021 We were delighted to attend in person at TAFE Gippsland – Newborough campus to give a session to 35 apprentice Painter and Decorators on asbestos and silica awareness. The group were very enthusiastic and asked many questions – it was great to have so much interaction through out the session – of course social distancing was adhered to in the auditorium but it was good to be able to be there in person and delivery our info bags and show samples – thank you to Davin for arranging it – ACV/GARDS will be going back in a few months all being well and no COVID lock downs to deliver the session to other trades. We now have moreapprentices asbestos and silica aware 👍😎