31 March 2017

Hazelwood Power Station… End of Era

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ACV/GARDS members Vicki Hamilton and David Fairbairn were out at the gates of Hazelwood along with other community members to show their support for the workers and their families at the official close of the power station today on the 31st March 2017.

All eight of the Hazelwood’s power station generating units were switched off this week the last unit was turned off Wednesday and the last shift crew will clock off Saturday morning. Some 249 workers will remain for the clean up.

The end of an era – we salute all the workers and their families for 50+ years of service to Victoria – I hope the public never forget some of the sacrifices that these power workers have given. They and their families are our heroes. A job well done. We are proud of you.

We now urgently need to see new jobs and investment from business to come into Latrobe Valley for not only the 750 people who have lost their jobs, but for our future generations with the offer of a diverse jobs outlook for this area to survive and thrive. The people of the Valley need to see that there is a future here and that they are still valued.


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