05 April 2017

Monash University Gippsland Tute 2017

ACV/GARDS conducted a tutorial to 100 Medical students @ Monash University Gippsland campus on the 4/4/2017.
They were a great bunch of students and they had some terrific questions to ask of the panel of members.
Thank you for welcoming us into your lecture room it was a privilege and honour to have met you all. We hope you will say Hi to us if you ever see us around somewhere – it is always nice to chat to some of the students we have met over the years and find out what they have gone on to do in the medical field. Good to see Victoria Keays & meet Leah O’Keefe they came along to tell the students about personal injury litigation.
We wish the students all the best in their chosen profession – they all have bright futures.
We always tell the Monash University Med students that we would love them to go onto specialize in respiratory and the asbestos disease field or take on research – there is never enough of you in our area. We need more of you on our team – again thank you for all being so attentive & caring : )

Also a big shout out to Dr Margaret Simmons – Deputy Director, Monash Rural Health

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