06 October 2023

In Memory of Neil 30 year Anniversary – Half Marathon Run

Anthony and Jenna will be running a half marathon on October 15 2023 in loving memory of their dad, Neil, who passed away from mesothelioma.

This year, we remember our father Neil, who, 30 years ago, lost his life to mesothelioma, an asbestos-related disease. Neil was a loving father, husband, and friend to many. In 1993, his life was cut short at age 45, leaving behind a wife and four children.
Asbestos exposure remains a public health concern in Australia, and families continue to be affected. Efforts to raise awareness, provide support, and advocate for those impacted by asbestos exposure are ongoing.

Once again, we are raising money for ACV/GARDS, who have been providing assistance to asbestos victims in Gippsland and Victoria since 1991. As a non-profit organisation, they are the only group in Victoria dedicated to asbestos support and advocacy.

Please support our effort to raise funds for ACV/GARDS in Memory of our Dad Neil. Go to the link below which has the GoFundMe page for the donation