23 February 2018

Mission for Demolition of Morwell Power Station

We would be pleased if you would write to the Planning Minister Hon. Richard Wynne and the Premier of Victoria to ask that they intervene in the proposed Heritage listing of Morwell Power Station.

Below is a link to a proforma letter that you can use or alter into your own words to express your feelings on how dangerous this site is and that you would like to see it demolished.

There are other local politician’s you can also express your views to. Page 2 of the proforma letter shows a list of local politicians and their contact details. (Remember to delete page 2 from your document before you send it to any politicians.)

Click here to download the proforma letter.

Please download this letter, save to your computer and fill in your name, address and phone no. Delete page 2 with all the contact details once you have copied the ones you want to use.

Send to as many of the names on the list as possible for maximum effect.

3AW interview on Morwell Power Station

Please read and listen to interview on 3AW radio re: the recommendation by The Heritage Council of Victoria to heritage list old Morwell Power Station – riddled with friable asbestos and other toxins. Our asbestos sufferers and their families are outraged and distressed that this asbestos filled rotting edifice may more than likely make a heritage list. The distress and constant reminder of this site will have untold damage to those in the community who have lost a loved one to this toxic site. Someone needs to start listening to our people who for decades have been ignored and marginalized – how much more torture does the State government want to put our people through. Common sense about a site like this is needed now. This site should be demolished not cherished.


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