23 April 2018

Sore Shoulder Was Aggressive Cancer 2018

A MUM and doctor thought she’d just pulled a muscle. But it was a deadly illness few people expect to contract in 2017, picked up in the most unlikely place.

WHEN a healthy, successful GP felt a pain in her shoulder one day, she wasn’t too worried, assuming it was a pulled muscle.

To her shock, the 63-year-old discovered she had developed an aggressive cancer in her ribcage from asbestos exposure at a hospital in the NSW Hunter Region. She would be dead within months.

Pauline Vizzard’s family, friends and patients were devastated to learn the energetic doctor was riddled with disease in the lining of her organs. They had never thought for a second that she was at risk from this quiet killer in her line of work.

“It was a surprise on everyone’s behalf,” son Ben Harrison, 34, told news.com.au. “You sort of associate asbestos cancers with people who may work in industry for all their life, and to have someone who is so removed from what you’d normally expect to be a high-risk industry … there’s no cure for mesothelioma at all, it’s fatal 100 per cent of the time.

Please read the rest of reporter Emma Reynolds article from news.com.au – link at footer of this article – such a terrible waste of life and so preventable

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