16 April 2018

Melbourne Polytechnic – Epping TAFE 2018

16th April, Dorothy and Vicki attended Melbourne Polytechnic – Epping TAFE to talk with 40 Painting and Decorating apprentices – it was a great honour to be able to deliver an asbestos awareness session to these apprentices. There was some great debate among the apprentices over asbestos issues with some terrific questions from the group. The students were asked if they learnt something from the session and they all said that they had and that there was a lot they had not thought about. We were very pleased with the response and interaction with the group – thank you to all the apprentices for making us feel very welcome and engaging with us. Also a big thank you to the trade teachers who organised us to come in. Special BIG thank you to Allan and Ian. See you in a couple of weeks for another awareness session with another group of apprentices. Very import to get to as many apprentices as we can to make them Asbestos Aware!!!