13 March 2024

Domestic Building Course for Trainees at Yallourn TAFE

ACV/GARDS were pleased to attend the Domestic Building Course for Trainees by Gippsland Trades and Labour Council on 13 March 2024.

We conducted a sessions to the trainees on Asbestos Awareness and the dangers and Silica –  This was such an important session as these are the building blocks for further information gathering.

We were luck enough to have Joanna McNeill come along an enlighten the group to silicosis and how that affects a person and where Joanna had her exposure so very important for those attending to understand that is not just about manufactured stone but some many other trades.

Joanna McNeill it was wonderful to work with you today to make young students aware of silicosis – the work is emotional but so needed amongst those who know nothing about this disease nor do they know that it is in so much more other than manufactured stone.

Today those students understood the gravity of silicosis and how deadly it is. We made a good tag team match today making a cohort of young people aware of silicosis and asbestos at the same time. Great job dear friend.

Asbestos and Silica Awareness Gippsland TAFE Yallourn

In the afternoon of the 13th of March we attended Gippsland TAFE Yallourn campus to address 20 apprentices to make them Asbestos and Silica aware – it was a privilege and honour to talk with them and so many questions asked – Joanna McNeill also spoke about the silicosis that she has and how she contracted that and what it has done to her body and mental health – the apprentices were so lucky to hear from her. We want to thank Davin Nicholls at Gippsland TAFE for asking us to come in make the students Asbestos and Silica aware.

Here are some pics of the session;