08 March 2018

International Women’s Day Event 2018

International Women’s Day 8/3/2018 – The ACV/GARDS girls – Dorothy and Vicki attended a wonderful lunch/get together at Silks Restaurant in Moe. The International Women’s Group Latrobe Valley hosted the event and it was well attended. We met many ladies we already knew and made new friendships as well. It was good see a handful of men turn up today to celebrate with us. Councillor Sharon Gibson attended, she was their guest speaker. Councillor Gibson asked a few of the women at the lunch to stand up and give a short talk on what they do in the community and how they were making a difference. Soula, the President of the International Women’s Group Latrobe Valley gave a short talk on how far women had come in the last 200 years. We learnt about some inspiring women who have done outstanding deeds. We need to keep up the standard set by our sisters from the past. What a great legacy they have left and the bar has been set high. Below is a pic of those who attended – it was lovely to spend time with a great bunch of people and celebrate the achievements of some very inspirational women.