29 April 2016

Monash University Medical School Asbestos Awareness 2016

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On the 12th of April the ACV/GARDS team and Dr John Scarlett, medical oncologist engaged 1st year medical students at Monash University Gippsland campus in a session on asbestos awareness. The aim of the ACV/GARDS group panel discussion was to enlighten the students to the medical, social, emotional and environmental issues around asbestos, talking about the disease and how it affects the sufferer and the family.
Highlighting the social impact this has on the family and the community, along with the emotional issues that come with a diagnosis of eg. mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer, asbestosis. How this is still impacting on communities today with exposure still happening, imports containing asbestos coming into Australia in crayons, building products, household products, flooring, panelling, brakes, gaskets and much more.
The ACV/GARDS panel was able to have one on one with the students and the panel was able to talk about their medical journeys and the medical system and how this affected their lives and well being. Dr John Scarlett spoke about the medico side and treatments and what drugs are available.
The students asked many thought provoking questions. It was a highly charged session with confronting issues faced by not just the panel but the students too.
ACV/GARDS panel were honoured and privileged to be able to have this talk with the students. To finish off a very intense morning the students and the panel had an enjoyable morning tea after the session where more questions were asked by the students over a cuppa and sandwich.

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