01 June 2017

Asbestos Awareness Session at Federation Training Newborough 2017

The ACV/GARDS team were at Federation Training Newborough campus on the 31st May 2017 conducting an asbestos awareness session to 160 apprentices across many trades. It was really good to have plenty of student involvement with some very thought provoking questions. ACV/GARDS was also pleased to have the trade teachers involvement in the session,  good to see them asking questions and giving examples of their experiences.

ACV/GARDS crew were lucky enough to have channel 9 regional TV there to do some interviews and watch and film the session in progress. This media segment went out on the channel 9 news that night and we hope that some of you caught it. If not I am endeavouring to see if it is placed on the channel 9 Facebook site so that I can send it out on our Facebook and attach it to this news item later. All in all a terrific session with a great bunch of apprentices. The apprentices completed questionnaires at the end of the session so ACV/GARDS could get the students take on how well we did delivering the message,  we were pleased to read that they had learnt much and had found it very interesting. We can’t ask much more than that. Thank you to the trade teachers for supporting the session so well. We could not have done it without all of your support.

The ACV/GARDS team always enjoys coming out and meeting the newest members in the trades, it is a real honour that we get the chance to make them asbestos aware and try and keep them safe in the jobs they do in the future. Thanks to Federation Training Newborough for setting this up and supporting the cause. There are now 160 apprentices who have more knowledge now than they did a few days ago. : )

TAFE Students Newborough May 2017

Students Fed Newb May 2017

Vicki with students Fed Newb May 2017