29 July 2016

Bendigo TAFE Asbestos Awareness Sessions

ACV/GARDS  crew travelled up to Bendigo on Wed 27th July & spent Thurs at Bendigo TAFE delivering asbestos awareness sessions to around 80 apprentice Plumbers, Electricians, Carpentry and Painting & Decorating. Great bunch of apprentices – we had two very productive sessions. Terrific questions and discussions in both sessions. Lots of awareness was happening. Thank you to all the TAFE trade teachers for all their support and friendship. It was good to catch up with everyone at Bendigo TAFE. Looking forward to more sessions there in the future. Making apprentices aware of asbestos in their workplaces and in the domestic scene. All in all a successful experience and trip.

2016-07-29 01.00.08.jpg No 1

2016-07-29 01.07.13.jpg No 2

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