24 January 2020

Bushfire Recovery – Asbestos Safety Guide

Managing Asbestos Risks during Bushfire Recovery – Information Sheet

Assess Control Assure acknowledges the challenges Australians have faced as a result of bushfires over the past few months, and extend their deepest sympathies to everyone impacted. With many people returning to effected communities to assess damage and many important priorities taking shape, the risk asbestos poses to health may by easily overlooked. They therefore offer this complimentary guidance on how to reduce potential health risks associated with fire-damaged asbestos.

Assess Assure Control are also offering a limited number of free ‘asbestos in bushfires’ information sessions along with respiratory and personal protective safety kits to communities that need it which will help to keep you safer around asbestos over the coming weeks and months.

Read the information sheet (pdf)

If you need additional help or guidance you can call Assess Control Assure on (03) 9416 0774.