07 May 2021

James Wallner Successful Compensation Fund for Mr Fluffy Victims

This week 6th May 2021 we got the good news that James Wallner, mesothelioma sufferer, who contracted his disease as a child living in a Mr Fluffy house had been successful in getting a compensation fund set up for Mr Fluffy victims. This was the communique from the Government to announce the compensation fund this week
The Australian Government recognises the suffering of Canberrans who have developed an asbestos related illness after living in a Mr Fluffy home.
The Government will contribute up to $8 million towards the establishment an Australian Capital Territory Asbestos Disease Assistance Scheme, to provide support for these Canberrans.
Minister Hunt and Senator Seselja voiced their appreciation for the tireless advocacy by Canberran Mr James Wallner, his family and friends, on behalf of those suffering illness after living in a Mr Fluffy home.
“The Commonwealth’s contribution of up to $8 million will help establish the Scheme, providing support to Canberrans who have been impacted by debilitating and deadly asbestos related illness,” Minister Hunt said.
“I have been deeply moved by the suffering of those who have developed mesothelioma and other asbestos related illnesses, through the simple act of living in their home,” Minister Hunt concluded.
“As a Canberran, I have worked closely with my colleagues in government on this issue, and I am proud to announce the Commonwealth’s funding to establish the Scheme. It’s the right thing to do,” Senator Seselja said.
“I have heard the heartbreaking stories of Canberrans who have suffered greatly as a result of living in a Mr Fluffy home. I hope that in some small way this Scheme can ease the burden they and their loved ones face,” Senator Seselja concluded.
Following the proposal from the ACT Government, the Commonwealth has worked in close cooperation with Chief Minister Barr and his officials on preparations to establish the scheme. The ACT Government will administer the Scheme and announce eligibility details and parameters of the Scheme as they are finalised.
What wonderful news for James and a campaign well worth fighting for – to all who helped James it was a great outcome and you should all be congratulated on the achievement – Pic of James below with BF ❤❤